We offer Qur’an School at Havering Islamic Cultural Centre which strives to serve the community and actively support education, training and the spread of knowledge. At the heart of our teaching is the establishment of a strong link with the Qur’an. We endeavour to strengthen this link by investing in future generations in our community who are able to recite the Qur’an with accuracy and understanding.


Online Quran & Tajweed and Seerah classes for Students (Age 10-18 Years)

Classes are only available via Zoom as we are currently unable to hold classes at the Centre due to Covid-19. Students wishing to join the Zoom classes must already have finished the Quaida. 

Please register to join via email and we will send you a from to fill and return. Once registration is complete instructions on how to join the Zoom classes will be emailed to you.

We are running a limited service available via telephone 01708 741 333.


Qur’an classes include Tajweed, memorisation of Surahs and Qur’an recitation

CLASSES: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

TIME: 5:00-7:00pm

FEES: £30 per month


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