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    Havering Islamic Centre is a non-denominational centre founded in 1982 as a charity catering for the social and cultural needs of Havering residents and the religious needs of local Muslims.

    The Centre has grown since opening the current premises in 2007 and is now able to service the community by joining with the local charities, feeding the homeless, providing marital services and providing support with difficulties being faced by local residents and worshippers.

    We welcome anybody who would like to work with us to help support Havering, with dialogues between all communities who make up this vibrant London borough.

    • Tue May 21, 2019
      Ramadan 16
      Begins Jama\'ah
      Fajr 3:10am 4:00a:m
      Sunrise 4:59am
      Dhuhr 1:02p:m 1:30p:m
      Asr 6:23p:m 7:30p:m
      Maghrib 8:53pm 8:57p:m
      Isha 11:56pm 10:15p:
      Jummah (1st) Khutba: 1:00pm - Jama'ah: 1:30pm Jummah (2nd) Khutba: 2:00pm - Jama'ah 2:30pm Full prayer calendar: http://haveringislamiccentre.org.uk/havering-mosque-calendar-2019
  • Events

    30 June 2019

    1:45-3:45pm at HICC, First Aid Training (WOMEN)

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    16 June 2019

    1:45-3:45pm at HICC, First Aid Training (MEN)

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    9 June 2019

    11am-4pm at HICC, Eid Party

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  • The consultation team have run our of forms! Please visit https://t.co/0ntPXgWdRm and fill in the online form! https://t.co/izy0iBObxz TheHICC photo

    Public consultation currently going on, come and visit, give your thoughts on Bridge Close redevelopment https://t.co/iHdnkdQ7NG TheHICC photo

    Jummah Mubarak! It is the last Jummah before Ramadan starts, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a beautiful month of prayer, patience and gratitude.

    Thinking of all of the victims in Sri Lanka right now. Devastating news, such a waste of human life.

    Prayers go out to you

    We wish we didn't need to feed so many people, but we're glad there is a place where there is a sense of community and love for them to come to https://t.co/02tsKch4d4 TheHICC photo