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    Havering Islamic Cultural Centre is a community centre founded in 1982 as a charity catering for the social and cultural needs of Havering residents and the religious needs of local Muslims. Although it follows the Sunni (Hanafi) teachings of Islam, it is open to all.

    The Centre has grown since opening the current premises in 2007 and is now able to service the community by joining with the local charities, feeding the homeless, providing marital services and providing support with difficulties being faced by local residents and worshippers.

    We welcome anybody who would like to work with us to help support Havering, with dialogues between all communities who make up this vibrant London borough.

    • Fri Mar 5, 2021
      Rajab 22
      Begins Jama\'ah
      Fajr 5:11a:m 6:00a:m
      Sunrise 6:37a:m
      Dhuhr 12:17p: 12:30p:
      Asr 3:54p:m 4:30p:m
      Maghrib 5:47pm 5:49p:m
      Isha 7:07p:m 8:00p:m
      Jumuah Bayan1 12:00Hrs Salah 12:30Hrs Jumuah Bayan2 13:00 Hrs Salah 13:25 Hrs
  • Events

    14 February 2021

    5:45pm Zoom Meeting, Sunnahs of Selecting a Spouse Zoom Link 

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    17 February 2021

    7:30pm Zoom Meeting, Faith And Death Zoom Link

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    31 January 2021

    5:30pm Zoom Meeting, Islamic Quiz Zoom Link

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  • With the help of some brilliant friends of the Centre, we have extended the outdoor space and made ourselves ready for winter time Covid-compliant prayers.

    Please follow all the instructions of the volunteers, who are working to keep our Centre and our Borough ( @LBHavering) safe https://t.co/WSCAHN1D6n
    TheHICC photo

    Loving seeing photos of the Eid Salah of our friends and colleagues from other mosques around the UK. Great efforts with social distancing, Alhamdulilah

    Socially distant prayers but Alhamdulilah we are all enjoying our Eid morning https://t.co/iva6pnaFwu TheHICC photo

    First Salah done! Our musallee have been brilliant this morning.

    Our volunteers have made extra spaces outside for walk ins.

    Have a great Eid https://t.co/jBZ8JVO0L5
    TheHICC photo

    Eid Mubarak!

    HICC is at full capacity tomorrow.

    There are no more guaranteed spaces available unfortunately.

    Each salah will have a small amount of walk in spaces.

    Please respect all of the volunteers and their instructions.

    JazakAllah and we wish everyone a blessed day