• HICC is looking for a part-time male teacher.

    Boys Evening Classes. 

    Please call or email us for further information.

  • HICC is looking for a full-time imam.

    Requirements: Follows Hanafi teachings. Fluent English language skills and able to perform Islamic rites for birth, death, Nikkah and all other ceremonies. 

    Please call or email us for further information.

  • Welcome

    Havering Islamic Cultural Centre is a community centre founded in 1982 as a charity catering for the social and cultural needs of Havering residents and the religious needs of local Muslims. Although it follows the Sunni (Hanafi) teachings of Islam, it is open to all.

    The Centre has grown since opening the current premises in 2007 and is now able to service the community by joining with the local charities, feeding the homeless, providing marital services and providing support with difficulties being faced by local residents and worshippers.

    We welcome anybody who would like to work with us to help support Havering, with dialogues between all communities who make up this vibrant London borough.

    • Mon Dec 9, 2019
      Rabi'ul Akhir 12
      Begins Jama\'ah
      Fajr 6:25am 7:00am
      Sunrise 7:52am
      Dhuhr 11:58am 1:15p:m
      Asr 2:04pm 2:45pm
      Maghrib 3:50pm 3:54pm
      Isha 5:11pm 7:30pm
      Jummah (1st) Khutba: 12:00pm - Jama'ah: 12:30pm Jummah (2nd) Khutba: 1:00pm - Jama'ah 1:30pm Full prayer calendar: http://haveringislamiccentre.org.uk/havering-mosque-calendar-2019
  • Events

    15 December 2019

    11am-4:00pm at HICC, Rituals of Death

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    17 November 2019

    1:30-3:30pm at HICC, Musa's Story

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    13 November 2019

    7:45pm at HICC, Our Places Of Worship

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  • This wonderful woman will be at our centre tomorrow to talk to young people about careers!! She will make a deeply compelling case for you to go to university, mainly through buckets of charm and genuinely being an inspiration. https://t.co/jYtfpcdPWo

    Henry is a top volunteer at our soup kitchen and is shaving his head in aid of @SFHUK. Any donations will be greatly appreciated... let’s help him in continuing to exceed his target!😀 https://t.co/EeDenuMnin

    Not at all! Hosting the Hospice is always a pleasure, as is opening our doors to the residents of Havering and letting them go home full of food!! https://t.co/4foqwdKvt2
    TheHICC photo
    Shahina Haque @shah1na
    Jazāk Allāhu Khayran @TheHICC for Eid event. Great to see community getting involved and lovely meeting fellow Muslims. Thank you for your continued support for @SFHUK lovely to see @andy_furneaux and team raising awareness of the hospice.Look forward to next year ʾIn shāʾ Allāh https://t.co/fCA6DsHLMh

    Our friends at @SFHUK have arrived and are in full set up mode. Come by and support them and the Centre by buying great food and enjoying great company https://t.co/fXswGk0hje TheHICC photo

    Come and support our friends on Sunday and celebrate Eid with us.

    @SFHUK are great friends of the centre as a whole but also the people within it. https://t.co/dPVbyTUSVh
    TheHICC photo
    Andy Furneaux @andy_furneaux
    Our Friends @TheHICC Are Having Their Eid Party This Coming Sunday And Once Again Have Invited @SFHUK To Participate. I’ll Be There! These Are Fantastic Days & The HICC Are Tremendous Supporters Of The Hospice. 11am-4pm - 91 Waterloo Road, Romford, RM7 0AA 🧡 https://t.co/oxh71sEfSd