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    Havering Islamic Cultural Centre is a community centre founded in 1982 as a charity catering for the social and cultural needs of Havering residents and the religious needs of local Muslims. Although it follows the Sunni (Hanafi) teachings of Islam, it is open to all.

    The Centre has grown since opening the current premises in 2007 and is now able to service the community by joining with the local charities, feeding the homeless, providing marital services and providing support with difficulties being faced by local residents and worshippers.

    We welcome anybody who would like to work with us to help support Havering, with dialogues between all communities who make up this vibrant London borough.

    • Sun Jul 12, 2020
      Dhul Qa'ada 22
      Begins Jama\'ah
      Fajr 3:03am 4:15am
      Sunrise 4:56am
      Dhuhr 1:11pm 1:30pm
      Asr 6:38pm 7:30pm
      Maghrib 9:13pm 9:17pm
      Isha 10:34pm 10:50pm
      Jummah (1st)Khutba: 1:00pm - Jama'ah: 1:30pm Jummah (2nd) Khutba: 2:00pm - Jama'ah 2:30pm
  • Events

    15 March 2019

    1:30-4:30pm at HICC, The Pleasures of Paradise

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    19 February 2020

    7:45pm at HICC, Faith & Birth

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    9 February 2020

    1:30-4:30pm at HICC, Quranic Approach to Relationships, Homosexuality & Sex Education

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  • HICC will be closed until further notice due to Coronavirus, taking into account @MuslimCouncil and @NHSuk advice on the matter

    Please share to family / friends and stay safe https://t.co/5q6AtdUOyQ
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    Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it. We hope you have a lovely day

    Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating. HICC wishes you every happiness on this day.

    Democracy is a privilege.

    Please remember to get out and vote tomorrow, because you can influence the future of your community.

    Educate selves on the policies which are important them and make informed decisions.

    HICC #GE2019

    This wonderful woman will be at our centre tomorrow to talk to young people about careers!! She will make a deeply compelling case for you to go to university, mainly through buckets of charm and genuinely being an inspiration. https://t.co/jYtfpcdPWo